Daily Journal


This morning Mario was waiting for me at my bedroom door. I’d like to think that it was because he missed me but I’m pretty sure it’s because he wants in my bedroom, which until this morning, was off limits. They both got by me and since I didn’t want to slam their heads with the door…my kittens officially rule the house.


I seriously need someone to clean out my Gmail contact list and remove all the bad @rpi.edu addresses! I complained about this to my sister and she laughed at me #firstworldproblems.


Since I have to learn a bazillion words for the GREs, I figured I would multi-task during my lunch break workout.


The rest of the work day was spent jamming out to DJ Earworm mashups.


Dinner with my parents to celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary. I wish we could throw them an awesome party every year. My siblings and I are super lucky kids to have such amazing, dedicated, and loving parents.


Home with my kittens! I attempt to study by making flashcards but my mind keeps drifting to redecorating my apartment. Then I realized that the GRE words I’m studying use other GRE words in their definitions….well played Princeton Review, well played!

I almost went to the wine bar to study. It’s like a late night coffee shop right? But let’s be honest, it would be weird and counterproductive.