Decision Time

For some reason I feel like all the big decisions that I have to make pile on at the same time. Right now I’m – recently single, coming to the end of my first term of grad school, and offered the opportunity to move to a new town. These are all the questions in my head right now, in no particular order.

How am I going to meet people?

Should I try online?

All the logistics that comes with going out on dates

What do I want right now? (fun, relationship, just dates)

Why am I in grad school/getting my MBA?

Do I want to stick with this?

GREs vs. GMATs

What if I get bad grades?

How am I going to balance it all?

Should I move to a new town with this guy friend?

Will it be weird?

Do I want to bother moving?

What about my Independence?

How will I see my friends? How do I make more (girl) friends?

And that doesn’t even go into the complexities of my job(s) and other relationships. Basically, I’m at a point where i need to reevaluate my life. Sometimes things change (I moved into my own apartment, took a new job) and sometimes they don’t, but either way I think it’s important to slow down and evaluate where I’m going every now and then.

Here are a few things that I know for sure:

  • I like working 3 jobs and going to school. I t keeps me motivated to stay organized, keep things prioritized, and I love being busy.
  • As much as I love the idea of redecorating my apartment and the city I live in, I’m 100% OK with moving into a nicer/safer place in a new town – even if I have a roommate.
  • Even if I don’t know what to do with my MBA, it’s a benefit of my job and it’s not going to hurt me. I’m hoping that it will give me the experience and connections I need for whatever comes next.

Knowing myself, nothing will change for a little while. I’ll talk about it a lot, drive my friends and family crazy and then things will settle down and I’ll see where they land.

I just keep reminding myself that this is all part of the post college dream.



Today was a slow day.


I didn’t have today off but it was a quiet day in the office. Most of it was spent catching up with my co-workers and cleaning things out around my desk. I’m so lucky that I work in such a great environment. Everyone is fun and we all get along so well – but we all know when it’s time to get to work and as a team we can bust out some amazing things…like our lunch time gym class!

Tonight I’m going to visit my friend who asked me to move into the 2nd bedroom of his apartment. It’s a tough choice. The apartment is beautiful, in a nice complex, close to a really fun- young city and I would save quite a bit of money. I hesitate only because I haven’t had a roommate in a while as much as I love company and being around people, I crave independence too. We have been friends for a while but we’re at different points in our lives so I don’t want it to be weird.

My co-workers are all for it! I’ll give myself a few more days to think about it, but I’m leaning towards moving.

The First Month

It has been a month at my new place and so much has happened.

I’ll show you my place first. It’s much bigger than I originally expected, which is great because I have ton of stuff!

Living Room


Bathroom with my awesome claw-foot tub

Living Room – Yes that is my dresser

There’s no picture of the bedroom because it’s so small and because I like to keep some privacy on the internet.

I LOVE it and it’s MINE! I am now closer to work with a fast internet connection. But most importantly, I feel like I have more independence, more freedom to make decisions for myself.