Welcome to The Post College Dream.

IMG_1120I love to make people laugh. And I usually get myself into situations where the only thing left to do it laugh. As a 24 year old navigating the world of apartment living, grad school, working in a cube, and student loans, it can be tough to find the silver lining.

But there is hope and you’re not alone. In this blog I’ll share my experience and the lessons I learned working in a cubicle, being organized, living alone, dating, staying motivated, and keeping busy.

My name is Chelsey and I’m an Assistant Director of Annual Giving at a college in Upstate New York. I have an engineering degree, I’m getting my MBA, and I’m terrified of the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

While I don’t have many things figured out I know that I like to have fun, play sports that don’t require coordination, and structure my schedule so I can maximize time for friends and family.

Things About Me

  1. I’m a Leo

  2. I love my freckles

  3. I’m scared of escalators

  4. My favorite movie is still Aladdin

  5. But I don’t really like watching movies

  6. I don’t like seafood.

  7. I get every kind of motion sick

  8. I love being in and by water

  9. I love the ocean

  10. I never played an instrument

  11. My dad is the youngest of 12, which makes me one of 29 grandkids on his side.

  12. I’m the oldest of 11 grandkids on my mom’s side.

  13. The only things I think about during the summer are bonfires and s’mores

  14. I’m scared of bees

  15. I hate socks

  16. I had horses when I was young

  17. Which led to me being a ‘crazy horse girl’ for a long time

  18. My favorite color is blue

  19. I like candy

  20. I can’t sing

  21. I Irish Danced for 10 years

  22. My favorite author is Philippa Gregory

  23. I hoard books, but have read less than ½ of what I own

  24. I love ice cream

  25. I don’t kick, catch, or throw things (this is sports related)

  26. Instead I swim, rock climb, run (when I have to), and dance

  27. My favorite food is my nana’s spaghetti

  28. My little sister is my best friend even though we are totally opposites

  29. I can justify just about any purchase…call it creativity

  30. I love mash ups

  31. I love dancing, esp. car dancing

  32. People tell me I chew loud, I’m working on it

  33. Summer is my favorite season, see # 1 & 7

  34. My favorite wine is Merlot

  35. I’ve traveled to Italy, France,and England in high school…but I’m not done!

  36. I have very high standards for my friends

  37. But it’s only because I have the most amazing friends in the world and I want them to be happy

  38. I have a bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and minors in Writing & Marketing

  39. I’m totally in love with volunteering for Relay For Life! Donate today!

  40. The college I work at is a rival of the college I went too.

  41. I just got two kittens: Mia and Mario!

  42. Coffee is on my list of 10 ten favorite things in the world

  43. I don’t know who I ever survived without an IPhone

  44. I hate texting

  45. If I could have any type of personal assistant it would be a driver, who can also style my outfits, hair, and makeup (dream big right?)

  46. I’m a terrible speller

  47. I get grumpy when people spell my name wrong

  48. I have more guy friends than girl friends

  49. I’m slightly addicted to office supplies and pretty much avoid Target during back to school sales.

  50. I’m a hopeless romantic

  51. I’m terrible at making decisions

  52. My Meyers-Briggs is ENFJ (but only slightly F) See #50

  53. I grew up in the country on 11 acres

  54. My least favorite chore is doing the dishes

  55. My favorite chore is mowing (ride on tractor and good music!)

  56. My car’s name is Carmen

  57. I’m addicted to online organization tools and finding the perfect tool for my needs

  58. I love staying in hotel rooms

  59. When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian

  60. My little sister is also my role model. She’s a phenomenal reporter.

  61. My little brother is like my twin

  62. I did ballroom dancing for over a year

  63. My nana is the coolest person I know

  64. And one my life goals is to become a zumba instructor

  65. Another life dream is to have a successful blog that helps young people live, love, and laugh.


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