Must Love Cats

Dogs vs. Cats; the age old argument and a dividing factor among mankind.

OK, so maybe it’s not that serious, but it sounded that serious when I told my friends I might get a kitten. The mere mention of getting a cat sparked a fury of anti-cat responses. When I sent pictures of cute kittens, they responded with videos of cat attacks. When I said they’ll be cute and cuddly, my friends told cats eat dead people. Yeah, it got a little ugly.

While their resistance was meant with love, I realized a couple of things.

  1. I live a perfectly reasonable lifestyle to have a cat
  2. A cat in no way, shape, or form would affect the lives of my friends
  3. I have too many friends to actually become a cat lady (Honestly, this was my biggest concern)

So, on the last day of my summer term class I drove home, caught 2 kittens in my parent’s barn, and brought them home. It was totally impulsive, which is really the only way I’m able to make decisions, and it was totally worth it.

I’m in LOVE with Mia and Mario. They are just as adorable and cuddly as I predicted.  And yes, I got two…now they have company.

Mia - Short for missing in action

Mia – Short for missing in action

Mario (aka Don Draper)

Mario (aka Don Draper)

However there are a couple things that I didn’t predict about cats.

My apartment is not big and there is no good place to keep the kitty litter….I HATE kitty litter. I also hate wet cat food. These two things are probably somewhere on my top 10 lists of grosses things ever. I’m also kind of terrified of being used at a scratching post. I don’t mind get scratched here or there…it’s going to happen, I just like knowing when it’s going to happen. The other morning Mario stretched without me noticing and scratched down the whole back of my calf. Yes it hurts, but the fear of getting scratched actually hurts more.

It’s unreasonably hard to not talk about them, and when I do, it’s with one of those weird, high-pitched baby voices. I impulsively reach for my phone, the way proud parents reach for their wallet sized pictures of their kids from every year of school ever.  I won’t lie – it has taken real effort and a solid foundation of awesome friends to keep me from becoming “the cat girl” at the bar.

But when I hear the piddle paddle of the kittens racing down the hall way at 1AM, or the twinkle of their little mouse toy, or Mia cries because Mario is beating the crap out of her, I smile and the fact that I just made a 20 year commitment to another life doesn’t terrify me as much.

They're tired of studying too.

They’re tired of studying too.

As far as being a cat or dog person, I don’t think you have to choose a side. That’s right, I said it – I am a dog AND a cat person!  And the next guy I’m with….must love cats.


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