Uncover Your Passions

I recently listened to a one-hour long webinar called Live Your Dream: How to Uncover Your Passions & Create a Career That You LoveIt was done by Christine Mims and hosted on The Muse. Christine is a career coach and this webinar was a mini career coaching session where she asked a couple of questions that she goes over with her clients to help them discover their passions. I love these kinds of exercises because the responses are supposed to be from the gut and the first things that pops into your head, which can be very different from the answers that you get when you think through the questions logically.

Below are the questions and my answers.

1. What do people ask for your help with?

Relationships, organization, making plans

2. What makes you smile?

Feeling challenged and accomplished, making people happy.

3. If you could write a book that would help the world in a big or small way and is guaranteed to be a best seller, what would it be about?

A funny book about feeling lost in life and love. To make people feel like they’re not alone.

4. What do you want to be remembered for when someone tells the story of your life?

Making people laugh, always smiling and giving back to my friends and the community.

5. What would you do if you could do anything (career wise)?

Own a winery that holds weddings that I plan and blog about. Eventually being a consultant and helping people with their blogs, jobs, or business. This would involve a little glamour, travel, and a lot of freedom.

The Christine also asks us to identify three people who you trust (but not all family) and then ask them, “What is it do you find most inspiring about me?”… I’m still working up the courage to do this.

The next stop is to identify you greatest strength. Don’t hold back, brag, and be bold and cocky!

My greatest strengths are: Organized, logical, funny, people person, customer orientated, big/small picture, thinking outside the box, multi-tasking,

What is uniquely yours? Multi-tasking, finding the silver lining.


What are your top 5 work values? What makes you happy, be specific.

1. Flexibility – The ability to work on my own time or remotely. Being able to travel with work and make my own schedule. Independence in managing my own projects.

2. Financial Security – Have a (slightly better than) comfortable, steady income. Establish a passive source of income (blog, product sales, etc.).

3. Success – Acknowledged as a leader in my industry, being my own boss, having people seek my help/advice.

4. Generosity – Have the ability (time) and means (money) to give back to organizations and causes that are important to me.

5. Creating – Creating beauty, content, products. Creating something for others to enjoy.

I thought this was a great exercise. I always feel a little scattered after taking these because there are some many things that I’m interested and I’m passionate about. One of the questions at the end of the webinar was about this. Her solution was to do a little research, pick the one that you’re most interested in, and give it a try! So much easier said than done – but I’m optimistic and I think with a little dedication I’ll be able to identity that passion.


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