Today was a slow day.


I didn’t have today off but it was a quiet day in the office. Most of it was spent catching up with my co-workers and cleaning things out around my desk. I’m so lucky that I work in such a great environment. Everyone is fun and we all get along so well – but we all know when it’s time to get to work and as a team we can bust out some amazing things…like our lunch time gym class!

Tonight I’m going to visit my friend who asked me to move into the 2nd bedroom of his apartment. It’s a tough choice. The apartment is beautiful, in a nice complex, close to a really fun- young city and I would save quite a bit of money. I hesitate only because I haven’t had a roommate in a while as much as I love company and being around people, I crave independence too. We have been friends for a while but we’re at different points in our lives so I don’t want it to be weird.

My co-workers are all for it! I’ll give myself a few more days to think about it, but I’m leaning towards moving.


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