A Long Weekend

No, I don’t just mean it’s long because of the holiday (Happy Memorial Day!) I had a very busy day at work and had to do a ton of errands and go to my parents’ house to help my sister pack up for her move to DC. I then went to sleep because at 7AM the next day I left for Pittsford NY to take my little brother to his regatta, while my parents took my little sister to DC…and I got home a couple of hours ago after a few more errands.

My fabulous littles

My fabulous littles

It was an exciting weekend though! My little brother did fantastic in his first crew race ever and I learned all about the crew world and being the ‘parent’ of a teenager. I did realize how little I miss being a teenager….

My little bro's first race!

My little bro’s first race!

Having my sister (aka my best friend) move 7 hours away is pretty emotional. I’m so so proud of her for landing an amazing job in her dream field, but it stinks that she won’t be around to hang out. I look forward to visiting and exploring DC as often as I can, but I know the reality is that people get busy and it will be a while before we get some quality sister time.

No three day weekend to relax after all this either, I have to work tomorrow 😛


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