The Big Event

This weekend is Reunion weekend at the college where I work. I’m so excited to meet the alumni I’ve been talking to and emailing for months.

There are many events today and tomorrow so it’s all hands on deck. I love the thrill of running around and making sure that everything runs smoothly (or at least faking it so no one knowss it isn’t)! I thrive on the fast thinking and details that need to be thought through to make it a great experience for everyone coming back to campus. I’m an event planner by nature. Once I started doing events for the American Cancer Society there was no going back. I have a pipe-dream of being a wedding/events planner, but we’ll see what happens!

I’m posting early because it’s going to be a long day and I’m not going to be back on a computer until Sunday, when I’ll need to catch up on all my homework and work for my PT jobs.

Yes, this is happening

Yes, this is happening


The OHIO Tip and Time Saver Tools

As I was reading through the dozens of blog I subscribe too (anyone else heartbroken about Google Reader going away?) and I found a post about cleanup/time management. The author used the OHIO rule and I LOVE it!

O – Only

H – Handle

I – It

O – Once

This is the easy way of summing up everything I talked about in my last post. For example, don’t just let you mail pile up – since it’s already in your hand sort through what’s junk and what’s important right away. Brilliant.

Time Saver Tools

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I live and breathe by a to do list and a calendar. If something isn’t written down (or I don’t do it right away) there is a 99% chance that I will forget about it. For many years I rejected online to do lists in favor of a good notebook. I spent an embarrassing amount of time at a Staples trying to find the perfect notebook only to leave empty handed. But in the past month or so I realized that a paper list wasn’t working for me anymore. I had too many different projects/jobs that I was working on and many of my tasks were things that repeated weekly or were long-term projects that I didn’t want to lose track of.

After some Google research and watching many demo videos I finally settled on a site that has worked really well for me. Wunderlist! It lets you organize items into different “in boxes”; break a task into smaller items, set due dates and reminders. This works especially well for me. Since I’m taking 2 classes for grad school, I was able to make a take for all my assignments. It will list the items by due date or by how you input them and you can view all your tasks in a variety of ways. For example, you can see everything you have to do for the day, the week, or by inbox. When you mark something completed it goes to a separate list on the bottom which makes you feel really accomplished!


I also love Trello. Trello is awesome for team projects, but it can also be used for keeping track of a big project with lots of steps. The tour does a better job at explaining all the uses of this program than I could. Below is a picture of a Trello board that I created when I was doing SEO consulting for a computer repair store. Trello allows you to add people to a board or project so you can assign team members to tasks and keep track of notes.


The best part about all of these tools is that the basic version is free! Wunderlist and Trello all have beautifully designed websites and apps for the iPhone/ iPad which sync across devices.

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to time saver tools. I want something clean, easy to use, which allows me to map/track things as I would with a paper and pencil. The more “tactile” the site is the better. All of these tools pass the test. Check them out!


Today was a slow day.


I didn’t have today off but it was a quiet day in the office. Most of it was spent catching up with my co-workers and cleaning things out around my desk. I’m so lucky that I work in such a great environment. Everyone is fun and we all get along so well – but we all know when it’s time to get to work and as a team we can bust out some amazing things…like our lunch time gym class!

Tonight I’m going to visit my friend who asked me to move into the 2nd bedroom of his apartment. It’s a tough choice. The apartment is beautiful, in a nice complex, close to a really fun- young city and I would save quite a bit of money. I hesitate only because I haven’t had a roommate in a while as much as I love company and being around people, I crave independence too. We have been friends for a while but we’re at different points in our lives so I don’t want it to be weird.

My co-workers are all for it! I’ll give myself a few more days to think about it, but I’m leaning towards moving.

A Long Weekend

No, I don’t just mean it’s long because of the holiday (Happy Memorial Day!) I had a very busy day at work and had to do a ton of errands and go to my parents’ house to help my sister pack up for her move to DC. I then went to sleep because at 7AM the next day I left for Pittsford NY to take my little brother to his regatta, while my parents took my little sister to DC…and I got home a couple of hours ago after a few more errands.

My fabulous littles

My fabulous littles

It was an exciting weekend though! My little brother did fantastic in his first crew race ever and I learned all about the crew world and being the ‘parent’ of a teenager. I did realize how little I miss being a teenager….

My little bro's first race!

My little bro’s first race!

Having my sister (aka my best friend) move 7 hours away is pretty emotional. I’m so so proud of her for landing an amazing job in her dream field, but it stinks that she won’t be around to hang out. I look forward to visiting and exploring DC as often as I can, but I know the reality is that people get busy and it will be a while before we get some quality sister time.

No three day weekend to relax after all this either, I have to work tomorrow 😛