Time Savers Around the House

So it’s ironic that as soon as I write a post about managing my time I run out of time to write. The last two weeks have consisted of traveling to VA for work, a presentation, and two papers for my MBA classes, as well as coaching my sister through her first real job offer (!!) and trying to enjoy some of this beautiful weather.

First time on the water this year!

First time on the water this year!

As promised, here is how I save time and managed the chaos around my house.

My Golden Rule: If it will take you less than 3 minutes to do – do it now! 

As you go through your day if something can be done in 3 minutes or less, just do it when you see it. The timing doesn’t matter, you can make it 5 minutes or 1 minute. You’ll be amazed at the things you can accomplish in 1-5 minutes. For example, when you change your clothes put the dirty clothes right in the hamper and clean clothes back in your closet, wash your bowl as soon as you’re done with your breakfast, or clean up your make-up as you put it on in the morning. Focusing on things that you can do quickly right away will prevent 1 minute worth of dish washing from becoming a 20 minute dish wash.

I’m also notorious for doing two things at once. Microwaves provide the perfect race against the clock to wipe down your counter-tops or wash the soup can and put it in the recycling basket, or go through your junk mail. I try very hard to not let things pile up because I know that I very rarely have chunks of time that I can dedicate to chores on a daily bases, but I do have spare minutes that can be used to JUST DO IT.

Do it at Night


I pack everything up the night before – lunch and/or dinner, workout bags, book bag, purse, and an overnight bag if I know I’m going to stay at my boyfriend’s house (I carry a lot of bags all the time). I’m a night person so this works for me. I would rather stay up late and sleep in a bit in the morning. This also ensures that I have enough time to get everything together in case I over sleep an emergency comes up. It also gives me time to sleep on it and remember stuff once I’m in bed (where I remember everything) or when I wake up. It works for me, but I appreciate that some people enjoy getting up early. My advice then is to walk through your day in your head and think of everything you’re going to need. Pack in that order.

I hope this is useful!



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