Controlling my Chaos

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I enjoy being busy. Ever since I was little I balanced school, work, and several extracurricular activities without batting an eyelash. It was a similar experience in college, so it’s no surprise that even after I graduated I was going to load up my schedule.

My current load consists of a full time job (40 hours), a part time job (10 hours), a freelance job (2-3hours), volunteering on the committee of 2 events for the American Cancer Society (1-3 hours), 2 grad school classes (6 hours plus homework), 2 exercise classes (45 minutes, 4 times a week), helping some friends develop a marketing plan for an app, and of course my boyfriend, friends, and family.

Juggling all of this requires a good schedule and efficiency. My next few posts will be about the tips and tricks I’ve developed for being efficient and not going crazy. This schedule does have some flexibility because sometimes I say f* it and let my apartment become a war zone while I binge watch Netflix – we all have those weeks. But I know that I feel much more calm and in control when I can keep to a routine and keep things neat.

Mostly for my own benefit, I’m going to give you a brief taste how my weekly schedule is supposed to go.




(Sorry for the weird images. Word was giving my some trouble when I made this.)

Actually writing this down doesn’t make it seem so bad. Of course, things come up – for example this week was my brother’s birthday and a friend’s birthday so I went out two nights in a row. Next week I’ll be in VA for work Thurs/Friday.  But I find that I’m good as using my time when I have a schedule guideline and a good to-do list.

I also realized that I view Sunday as the end of the week rather than the start of the week, at least during the day. I use it as a “catch up” day/ “get ahead” day since I’m less likely to have plans.

I hope I don’t seem like a crazy person after posting this – but I know I’m not alone in my need to plan 🙂


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