Back To School

I started grad school this week at Union Graduate College! I’m so excited to start my MBA.

This term I’m taking a marketing and ethics class. So far the ethics class has been really interesting and I look forward to all the discussions. It’s a little nerve racking since I have almost zero experience in this field as it relates to business and I’m not always the best at taking a firm stand about something.

Balancing a full time job, part time job, volunteer work, and grad school (while not totally neglecting my personal life and health) is going to be interesting. But I’m up for the challenge and I love everything I do too much to give up something.



This weekend my boyfriend and I are heading to NYC to visit my sister and be tourists for a little while! He’s never seen most of New York and I’m really looking forward to going to Brooklyn Brewery.

Fitness update:

Work outs – 3 days


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